SEC Decision Raises the Bar For Corporate (Issuer) Disclosure on Sustainability Risks — Another Huge Step in Bringing ESG Reporting to Mainstream Investment Management and Financial Analysis…

Friday, January 29 2010 — An important shoe dropped this week – this one, a size 15 or more – in the rising and accelerating importance of ESG & Sustainability corporate key performance indicators and related factors... [more]

Accountability Does Matter in Getting to the Bottom of the Screwups in the Attempted Attack on the US at Christmas Time — Who Did What / Or Didn’t Do What / And What Lessons We Can Learn From That

We’re back blogging today – a Happy New Year 2010 to all.  We resume this running commentary on matters of accountability (hence, the title of the column) after a break in 2009 when we tended to other business.  This diversi... [more]

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